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NKS Health has an award-winning commitment to supporting our physicians in specialty medicine. We understand that in order to maximize positive patient outcomes, it is necessary other roles within the patient’s family Healthcare Team be addressed. Below, you will find an abbreviated list of support services we offer.


Please reach out to or 905-232-2322 if you would like to start a patient with NKS Health.

Personalized Pharmacy Program

Every physician and every patient is unique. So why should Pharmacy programs be any different? We work closely with numerous physicians to tailor personalized programs. From mobile vaccination nurses to adherence technology, we leverage innovative ideas to seamlessly integrate our programs with your clinic.

Personalized Pharmacy Program at NKS Health | Specialty Pharmacy, Canada
Cold Chain Management at NKS Health | Specialty Pharmacy, Canada
Cold Chain Management

Our handpicked team of NKS drivers are trained in cold chain management. They ensure your patient’s medication is transported from our best-in-class fridges to their house or your clinic within the 2-hour cold chain window. While most other specialties courier, we believe even our drivers should part of the patient’s circle of care.

Reimbursement Assistance

Our reimbursement experts have years of experience and are truly our patients’ ambassadors. They are well versed in dealing with insurance companies and helping our patients get the reimbursement they deserve.

Reimbursement Assistance at NKS Health | Specialty Pharmacy, Canada
Lab Services at NKS Health | Specialty Pharmacy, Canada
Lab Services

NKS Health is the largest dispensing pharmacy in Canada for Botox therapeutics, but we have only grown to this size because we carefully monitor each of our patients.


To reach the toxins department, please call 905-232- 2322 ext.462

Adherence Monitoring Programs

Our commitment to better patient health extends far beyond only providing medication. Through specialized adherence monitoring programs, we ensure our patients receive their refills on time. We
have gone as far as using innovative adherence technology.

Adherence Monitoring Programs at NKS Health | Specialty Pharmacy, Canada


NKS Health believes that being at the forefront of medicine and technology is crucial to offering the best service to our valued patients. That is why NKS Health is one of the leading specialty pharmacies in innovation.


Our process is more efficient; patients no longer need to acquire their own medications, NKS helps with the insurance coordination, patient reminders, reconstitution and delivery.


— Milan Unarket, MD FRCPC TRI and Bridgepoint Health

NKS Health offers a different level of patient care that improves patient training, increases patient compliance and provides support to the overall treatment of my biologic patients.

— Dr. Mamelak, MD FRCPC

Working with NKS Health has helped streamline our process for treating patients with toxins, improving efficiencies and navigating insurance hurdles. They make the process seamless so our staff can focus on patients.


— Chantal G. Vaidyanath, MD, FRCPC, FABPMR, CSCN Diplomate (EMG) 

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