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NKS Assist

Agile & Innovative
Inspired professionals that  deliver solutions in specialty medicine across Canada

 Our reputation comes from our ability to work closely with physicians to rapidly learn and enhance the patient’s journey and overall experience. Our creative and knowledgeable leadership team applies this knowledge to help solve brand problems – and make the patient journey exceptional. Our team helps brands launch well and sustain their success over the long term. Our ability to work with patients and providers to measure and monitor the right aspects of care, improve the care we deliver, every day. Our systems and culture enable and support our passion for innovation and agility. 

Trust & Collaboration
Partners with Physicians & Patients Since 2008

Since 2008, NKS Health has worked closely with physicians – who see us an extension of their team and a valued healthcare partner. As we deliver specialty pharmacy-based solutions nationally, we bring this expertise with us. Our hand-picked team of pharmacist, nurses, bilingual reimbursement specialist and logistics specialists provide the personalized service needed to be the “stand out” PSP.  NKS Health has developed a innovative collaboration with the AQPP / Accessa to help support brands in Quebec.

Cutting Edge and Secure Data Solutions
Improving Patient Care

NKS Health has a history of utilizing innovative technology and digital health solutions to enhance outcomes. Our commitment to investments in cutting edge technology has given us the best in class reporting capability to provide manufacturers with real-time and on time reporting, thus setting a new standard in the industry. Our systems help us improve patient care, and are constantly improving as we seek better solutions for our clients

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