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Our staff are experts in their respective fields – we have pharmacists that are trained specifically in biologic medicines and are able to assist with disease state management. This includes, ”what’s new with the medications”, as well as “treatment options” and how to augment medication with nutrition and appropriate supplementation.


We have nurses with expertise in various areas of medication management; bone density, migraine and pain management, HIV and Hep/C as well as new emerging therapies in multiple sclerosis.


Our administrative staff can navigate hurdles of insurance coverage and provide options for the best access to your medication. We have added new diagnostic services to assist in the monitoring of patient's therapy including inflammation testing for Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis patients.


And finally, our customer liaison group ensures that our services and offerings are transferable from our offices to your clinic/office or home. NKS Health employs professionals in all aspects of healthcare – listed below are our department heads and our clinical team.

Nancy 1.jpg

Nancy Simonot – Special Consultant

Nancy has spent the past 25 years in the practice and management of pharmacy and enjoys being a guest lecturer for the University of Toronto. In 2014 she was honoured by the Ontario Pharmacists Association as Pharmacist of the Year for Specialized Practice, an award she is very proud of. She has a wealth of experience in clinical trials and a reputation for being customer focused. Nancy oversees all clinical and patient care aspects of NKS Health. Over the past several years NKS Health has grown to include a team of six pharmacists dedicated to improved patient care. Nancy oversees this group. Nancy is also part of the ownership group helping to provide strategic direction moving forward.

Nancy Simonot is a finalist 
of the prestigious EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Ontario Awards program for the Health category.


  • Injection Training Certificate

  • Lecturer for Arthritis Society

  • Nutrition Certification

  • Weight loss/ Women Health Certification

  • Virus National Spokesperson and Expert


Kristen 3.jpg

Kristen Ribble – Director of Sales and Business Development

Kristen brings over 20 years of pharmacy and medical industry experience to her role as Clinic Director of NKS Health. She has been a part of our team since day one and is primarily responsible for sales throughout each of our locations. As part of the management team she oversees all aspects of NKS Health sales and specifically the growing business units in Ottawa and London. Kristen is responsible for providing our physicians, clinics, hospitals and patients a background on everything that NKS can do for their specific needs and ensuring they receive a high level of customer service. 

Michelle 2.jpg

Michelle Cline – Toxins Manager, RPhT 


Michelle manages our toxin group including all aspects of our preparation and patient support. NKS Health has grown to the largest provider of therapeutic toxin in Canada. She works to ensure the smooth operation of our day to day operations – her staff oversee the medication management of our +6000 toxin patients at NKS Health where last year we dispensed +30,000 vials of toxin. Organized and responsive to all customer and clinic/hospital needs, she is an excellent resource to assist in all matters associated with patient care especially navigating the complex environment of insurance coverage. 

Serena 2.jpg

Serena Bobb – Biologics Manager 

Serena heads up our Biologics division – her staff oversee the medication management of our +1000 biologics patients at NKS Health - organized and responsive to all customer and clinic/hospital needs. She is an excellent resource to assist in all matters associated with patient care. Serena also manages our unique compliance program to ensure that patients get their medication quickly, that their training on medication is complete and that medications are received in a timely and organized manner.

Farzan 1.jpg

Farzan Dadfar – Director of Pharmacy Operations 


Farzan joined NKS Health in 2014, shortly after graduating from University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy in 2013. Prior to his pharmacy degree (BSc Pharmacy), he obtained his BSc in Biochemistry and Biomedical Science from McMaster University in 2009, with a specialization in molecular biology. In 2019, Farzan completed his doctorate degree in pharmacy (PharmD) from University of Waterloo and he is currently pursuing his MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto (Class of 2023). Throughout his employment at NKS Health, Farzan has demonstrated a passion for optimizing patient outcomes and improving patients’ access to high-quality specialized therapies, both as a pharmacist and a business manager. Over the years, he has provided counselling and disease management education to more than a thousand patients requiring treatment with specialized therapies, including biologics treatments and toxins preparations for medicinal use. He now serves as the Director of Pharmacy and Clinical Operations at NKS Health and works with our industry partners, senior executives, and management team to continuously improve our services and offerings to patients. In 2020, Farzan was recognized for his achievements and was the recipient of the UW School of Pharmacy Alumni Achievement Award.

Siraj 1.jpg

Siraj Khan – Pharmacy Manager, Cert. in Biologic Treatment - Toronto, Bathurst  

Siraj is a graduate of the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy and joined the NKS team in 2014. His excellent “bedside manner” and attention to customer service make him a perfect choice for our home visits and in-house consultations. Siraj has provided patient care in biologic treatments, toxin therapy and plays a lead role in NKS Health’s biologic clinical offering. Most recently, Siraj has taken over the operations of the new NKS health Bathurst site in Toronto - this new intergrated pharmacy and infusion suite introduces a retail component  to the 4256 Bathurst medical building.


John 2.jpg

John Park – Staff Pharmacist (PharmD)

John is a recent University of Waterloo graduate, his support work at NKS Health includes all aspects of dispensary operations. Over the past four years with us he has developed a keen interest in training and patient education as well as the unique needs of specialty pharmacy. 

Vicki 2.jpg

Victoria Nicholson – BSc, BScPharm, London Pharmacist Manager


Victoria is our managing pharmacist at NKS Health - London. She graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy at Dalhousie University in 2012. Prior to her pharmacy degree, Victoria obtained her B.Sc. in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and Anthropology, from Wilfrid Laurier University. Victoria's positive attitude and dedication to patient care are evident in all aspects of her interactions with patients and other health care professionals at NKS Health.

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