Welcome to the NKS Patient Hub!

NKS Health strives to empower our patients to take control of their own health. Obtaining the best service is crucial for positive outcomes on your journey to better health and NKS is here to assist you. We have prepared a suite of services that is offered every one of our patients.


Our NKS Pharmacy focuses on select disease states so we can provide the best possible care for our patients. Our staff stay on the cutting edge by attending all the scientific conferences, taking additional pharmacy courses, and reading the newest updates in scientific journals.


We offer personalized program planning to ensure that you, the patient, achieves better health.


If you would like to begin your journey to better health, please contact or 905-232- 2322.


Our services include complimentary delivery to your doorstep. No more waiting times! We believe obtaining medication should be easy and convenient, so you can focus on recovery without missing a beat. Furthermore, we have personal NKS Drivers that deliver your medication so you know it will be delivered safely and by a familiar face.

To book or modify a delivery, please call 905-232- 2322 ext. 464

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Our biologics department not only ensures all patients are on-boarded seamlessly; they also closely monitor each patient file
to make sure we send out a delivery when your next refill is due. Our team has coverage experts dedicated to making sure your insurance company reimburses your medication.


Want to book a delivery, or need help getting reimbursement? Please call 905-232- 2322 ext. 461


NKS Health is the largest dispensing pharmacy in Canada for Botox therapeutics, but we have only grown to this size because we carefully monitor each of our patients.


To reach the toxins department, please call 905-232- 2322 ext.462


We have an in-house NKS Laboratory so we can do all the necessary testing quickly and effectively. Using world-renowned techniques, our labs do anything from FCal to TDM testing.


To book a lab appointment, please call 905-232- 2322 ext. 466



NKS Health believes that being at the forefront of medicine and technology is crucial to offering the best service to our valued patients. That is why NKS Health is one of the leading specialty pharmacies in innovation.