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In April 2022, a press release was issued on the sale of our Company, NKS Health.


Many of you know our journey. NKS Health was formed in 2008 and was the combination of two peoples experience over the previous 20 years; one a pharmacist, and one a pharmaceutical sales and marketing manager.


The idea was simple, bring the highest level of patient experience in the developing field of specialty pharmacy, by building a network of physicians, pharmacy clinics and infusion centres to better serve our customers.


At year end 2021 NKS had grown to over $100MM in revenue, has 20 associated operating facilities across Ontario, built a network of partners across the country, employ nearly 100 people and serve tens of thousands of patients across Ontario and Canada.


Early last year – we were approached by a major Canadian insurance provider about the possibility of working together developing our interests with theirs … this led quickly to an offer to purchase NKS Health and our associated company NKS Assist.


We are excited about this new phase of our journey … for at least the next three years, both of us will be employees of Greenshield Canada – for now NKS Health, as a brand, will remain as we work with GSC to grow to the next level.


Thank you all for your encouragement, support and good wishes these past 10 years.


Enjoy the journey,


Nancy and Steve



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